A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★½

Daily Horror Haunt, Day 19

No Dokken, ZERO STARS. (Actually the music is pretty good, but it's no "Dream Warriors.") This was an interesting experiment, I've never seen this without the previous films first (and I haven't watched the series at all in probably 3-4 years). So was it better when it didn't have to follow the massively superior part 3? Unfortunately no, no it wasn't. This is a film of... well-executed bad ideas? Like the effects aren't badly made, they're just dumb. Was that pizza supposed to be scary??

Also, there's a reason Freddy is my fave of the big 3 slashers, but this ain't it. Freddy has a personality, which is colourful but also scary in the first 3 films, and differentiates him from the blank-face masked killers. But here you wish he'd put on a mask and stfu. Sure, Jason and Michael became ridiculously superhuman, but at least we never had to listen to their Laugh Factory routines. Wet dream, GET IT?? (I do love a good waterbed-exploding-in-blood scene though, this is the second one I've seen in a week!)

Despite my love of Freddy and the year 1988 (and this has gotta be one of the mom jeansiest movies ever), this is just mediocre to me. Entertaining enough, but completely unnecessary. And speaking of unnecessary, why bring Kristen back at all? WE'RE GOING TO CALL HER KRISTEN LIKE 12 TIMES SO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOW KRISTEN, OK? YOU'RE JUST GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT, PATRICIA ARQUETTE HAD SHIT TO DO. So... why not just give Alice Kristen's power in the first place, maybe they're cousins, who cares, just don't bring Kristen back only to ingloriously die as another actress! I might like this more if it didn't make my beloved Dream Warriors characters essentially afterthoughts. I'd rather they weren't in it at all, but I'd also rather they hadn't made this movie at all and just skipped right to New Nightmare.

Oh and Freddy is brought back because an adorable chonky dog named Jason pees fire and opens a rift to hell (??) In case you're wondering if the tone is set early.

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