Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

So Falcone n McCarthy clearly struggled to think of a running visual gag, scraped the barrel, found a pincer and thought, let’s give Jason Bateman crab hands! A joke so cheap it’s basically free. 

...but, then again...Jason Bateman with crab hands??? Jason Bateman, in a film, with crab hands? Yeah, that’s hilarious. Eating raw chicken is gross and genuinely made me wanna be sick, but Jason Bateman with crab hands? Who’s wife left him cos he got bit in the dick by a radioactive crab? Who’s level of character depth is his over-sized nippers?? U got me. 

Ah wait now there’s a joke about overweight people getting out of a ferra...shit, I forgot Jason Bateman has crab hands. I’ll watch your sequel, goddammit

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