Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★½

Divers8y, inclusiv8y, original8y. The answer to a question no one was asking! I’d never and would be daft to object to seeing Cate Blanchett in anything nor Rihanna, while Anne Hathaway as an odious Ocean’s villain is inspired, and the aspect of women needing 8 rather than 11/12/13 is a fun wink to their supremacy. Was it a weird nod to the Soderbergh re-dos to give Helena Bonham Carter a heinous Irish accent, akin to Don Cheadle’s comical English accent? I can’t think of any other good reason. 

A cynical and reductive piece of filmmaking, but hardly alone in that role, and admittedly I enjoyed the glitz and glamour. Purely commercial stuff that’s outfitted to appeal to the masses - needing not much thought or introspection, but just a empty-headed, engaging and amusing time, which it was, although the cast’s chemistry is more like biology adjacent to the wonderful potions of the Clooney Crew. A pity it seems Ocean’s underwhelming critical reception 8 9’s chances

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