Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Pleasing visuals; pleasing action; pleasing set-pieces; more than pleasing gargantuan monsters; topping it off with an extremely pleasing n brooding Kong plucking trees from their roots like weeds. 

Pleasing is just about where it stops, though, lacking in the surprises or depth of Godzilla, almost fatefully missing the grounded ‘tiny incapable humans vs God-sized unbeatable monsters’ aspect, dragged down by it’s roulette charmless cut-outs of characters whos entire personalities are their one trait (see Larson - photography, Hawkins - science stuff), mechanically wandering through a labouring script heavily reliant on forced quips (Tom Hiddleston the main culprit). Excluding the endlessly charming John C. Reilly and Samuel L. Jackson who is a formidable villain; together they supply the glue needed to keep the film from falling apart. 

Sometimes falls into the trap of style over substance with some undoubtably pretty but overly-dramatic visuals, graciously lifted up by reliably kaboom-filled bullet-showering body-sprawling n eye-catching set pieces making the aforementioned downsides seem arbitrary, succeeding unanimously in the sole aim to entertain which it does with a chest-pounding roar

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