Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★½

Rewatch has cemented the unhinged cyberpunk greatness of this flick after I figured I was overcome with excitement first time. Wired totally different to anything else out there. Cronenberg’s inescapable 80s campiness permeated through the modernity of filmmaking makes it easily his funniest film. Inner-Beauty Pageant? ‘Careful..don’t spill’ in response to stomach pussy eating? Two lesbian drill assassins playing no part in the wider story and just chilling in the background? Stuff is golden. 

Viggo on his ghoul shit, gurgling n choking, floating around like Nosferatu. Kristen basically dripping n convulsing with lust, nervous-ticking her way to the Cronenberg hall of femme-fatale, morphing into a Jesse Eisenburg diction baby. Virtually episodic in it’s nature, lots of ideas that aren’t fully explored or built on by design, questions posed but unanswered, cos who the fuck knows what’s going on anyway. Cronies eating so damn good

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