The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★

For a movie where the villains are a toy doll and some oldey-time ghost ladies, it is pretty darn tense and scary throughout!

Built from the start as an open-ended horror anthology, Wan has clearly honed his abilities since making Saw a decade before. This movie doesn't have any of the rough edges that Saw had, although I don't think this will ever quite reach the same iconic status. I think this is probably as close as you can get to a technically-perfect re-telling of the classic "cursed house/evil spirit that needs to be exorcised" story, but I didn't find any moments to be particularly memorable.

Everyone here puts in great performances, even the kids. I really enjoyed a story about two close, loving families are listening to and supporting each other, I'm accustomed to seeing horrors with broken families and resentful, emotionally distant parents.

The special effects and CGI were probably the biggest detractors for me. The CGI effects played such a minor role, and there were clearly already some practical effects being used, that I wish Wan had sprung for entirely practical effects.

Overall, a solid entry in The Conjurings, Ranked!

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