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  • Locke



    and i’m just driving and that’s it

    i feel like people might think that my passion for locke is just a bit. it is a little weird when my actual favorite thing becomes my semi fictionalized public persona’s main brand as well. i think i like it? it’s nice that this is the thing that i am legible to the world as (a locke lover). i think i’m finally going to write my longish locke review here.

    ~ spoilers, sorta…

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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    could not have asked for a better experience going to the movies for the first time in over a year. washington heights is very important to me and this movie captured so much of what makes it special

  • Cruella


    At every second of the 134 minutes this movie ran, I asked myself one central question:

    Who asked for a Cruella De Vil origin story?

    I certainly did not. And nowhere in the film was I presented with a reason to! It's hard to put my feelings about Cruella into words without sounding like a bargain bin Scorcese-on-Marvel. But the cynical stench of corporate greed is overpowering throughout the movie, even in its moments of genuine fun. With each expensive…