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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    the songs are catchy I'll give him that, but this is so condescending and disingenuous, i truly couldn't stand it. use your platform to actually do something useful rather than singing ironic songs about not wanting to give your money away to help others because you're ~self-aware~ hehe. 

    my main gripe however was watching a grown rich white man singing to a sock puppet complaining and taking the piss about being told to educate himself about political and racial issues…

  • Se7en



    i'm gonna say it.....it's boring, sorry. did they even try and catch him? feel like they could have analysed the victims or the crime scenes to find a pattern, but nope, just wait for him to show you. i've actually seen this before and completely forgot about the whole plot so make of that what u will