• Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    As a book snob, I was expecting this movie to disappoint, as it would have to be significantly different than the beloved book in order to fit the screen time. However, even though the differences were there (and were pretty huge), I loved it. It went in a direction that I would've never imagined but wish I had the creativity to think of them myself. The addition and subtraction of characters were precisely mapped out to ensure the movie could…

  • Roma



    It's going to be hard to find a movie that makes me go through more emotions than Roma did. Its heartwrenching story had me wanting to jump into the screen and give so many of the characters a hug. The greatest strength of the film, in my opinion, is the ways in which it showcases love and captures the audience, allowing them to feel all of the emotions shown on screen. Each of the characters in the story is going…

  • I Still Hide to Smoke

    I Still Hide to Smoke


    À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer is a feminist film that is a must-see for all women. Its powerful themes of the strive for independence and the trapping life Algeria women experience from even the youngest of ages, provide detailed insight into a life that is so unimaginable for most women. The structure of the film, all revolving around one day, allows for the audience to put in perspective the insides and out of these women's lives and…

  • PlayTime


    If you're looking for a painfully boring movie to watch in your free time, Playtime is the one for you. Its lack of a plot and protagonist had me literally falling asleep not even halfway through. The dated humor showcases just how far comedy has come since the 1960s and has me thankful for the development of the genre and the humor over the years. The one part of the movie that I can applaud is the use of music…

  • The Phantom of Liberty

    The Phantom of Liberty


    I am in love with Le fantôme de la liberté! Sure, there were times where I was completely confused, but I was never not engaged. Its unique narrative had me hooked and I found myself looking through the characters in each scene and guessing which story we were going to follow next. Every character we encountered had their own storyline, each more intriguing than the last. Le fantôme de la liberté was constantly keeping me on my toes and I…

  • Black Girl

    Black Girl

    La Noire de... perfectly captures the idea that a film doesn't need to be lengthy to be powerful. The use of internal diegetic sound throughout the film gives audiences the perfect insight into Diouana's inner thoughts and feelings about her situation that would otherwise not be possible due to the language barrier seen throughout the movie. Sound also proves to be a powerful force as seen specifically at the beginning of the film which starts off with an upbeat song accompanying…

  • Moonlight



    Moonlight is a must-see film for everyone, everywhere. It's compelling, yet heart-wrenching story of friendship and love that hooks you from the beginning and leaves you hanging on until the very end. With every stage of Chiron's life, I felt connected to him, feeling his pain along with his triumphs. With that being said, even though I knew that this movie had me captivated, at times, I found myself getting caught up in it's slow pace, eager to see what…

  • Vertigo


    I was very excited for this film seeing as it hails as one of the greatest movies of all time but to be honest I wasn't as taken by it as I would've hoped. The variety of plots had me hoping it would end at each one and yet it just continued. With that being said the genius of the film and the stunning mise-en-scene did not get past me. The lively colors created a world on screen and made…