The Phantom of Liberty

The Phantom of Liberty ★★★★★

I am in love with Le fantôme de la liberté! Sure, there were times where I was completely confused, but I was never not engaged. Its unique narrative had me hooked and I found myself looking through the characters in each scene and guessing which story we were going to follow next. Every character we encountered had their own storyline, each more intriguing than the last. Le fantôme de la liberté was constantly keeping me on my toes and I was loving every minute of it. One of my favorite things that this movie does is when they entered into flashbacks, the character gave one or two lines introducing it, and then we were just thrown into the scene. Typically, when in a flashback, the narrator follows the audience into the flashback or gives more background before going into it, but not Le fantôme de la liberté. Overall, this nontraditional narrative form completely worked for me and has me very interested in looking up more of the director's works!