Black Girl

Black Girl ★★★½

La Noire de... perfectly captures the idea that a film doesn't need to be lengthy to be powerful. The use of internal diegetic sound throughout the film gives audiences the perfect insight into Diouana's inner thoughts and feelings about her situation that would otherwise not be possible due to the language barrier seen throughout the movie. Sound also proves to be a powerful force as seen specifically at the beginning of the film which starts off with an upbeat song accompanying Diouana as she steps off of her boat and feels excited about her time in France. The use of this sound kicking off the tone of the film increases the assumption that the film will have a happier and more uplifting plot, yet that proves to not be the case very quickly while watching. Overall, La Noire de... is a definite "must watch" and is a very important film that sheds light on a pressing issue and uses its platform to spread awareness.