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  • RRR



    THIS MOVIE!!! I can't even put into words the emotions I felt during this film, there were literally too many goosebumps moments to count. I went into RRR with zero expectations, only a little bit dreading its 3-hour runtime, but by the end, I would've sat there for longer. I fell in love with every character, completely buying into every piece of information I was given about them, and even found the over-the-top action sequences engaging and nail-biting. I'm a…

  • Unfriended


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    I'm sorry but this is a really bad movie. I couldn't stand Blaire which makes it all the more upsetting that she was the one who lastest the longest in the group. The acting was terrible as were the plot and scriptwriting. I actually like the concept of the film though and how current it seems or seemed since Skype is basically not a thing anymore. I would be interested in seeing a different movie with a completely different story…

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  • Farewell My Concubine

    Farewell My Concubine


    All I've wanted to do since seeing this film is research the history of China during this time and then rewatch the movie with the new historical context since that's the only thing that I think detracted from my viewing experience. Other than that, I was moved throughout the entire film. I've never seen a movie that embodies the phrase "tragically beautiful" so clearly that even when the film was hard to watch, I couldn't look away. Dieyi's character was…

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    I haven't had this much fun watching a movie in a really long time. The story was simple yet engaging and it had me belly laughing at multiple moments. The fight sequences were unreal and only got more impressive as the film progressed. Chan Ka Kui was lovable yet relatable and I liked how they made him go a little crazy at the end after he had been through so much trauma and deceit but they still maintained his heroism…