Spencer ★★★★

Some people on here definitely oversold this, so my expectations were through the roof, leaving me mildly disappointed. But I’m trying to set that aside because…

It was really good! The score was spectacular. The imagery and atmosphere were perfect, it nailed a balance of regal and ominous. I love anything with exposé vibes, whether that be politicians, royal families, religions, etc., this fit that bill. But it wasn’t just that. The exposure comes through Diana’s turmoil and it doesn’t lose sight of Diana in that…which was impressive.

However, I love Kristen Stewart (for no apparent  reason, I really don’t know…) and I want her to have her moment BUT this wasn’t it. She looked the part for sure. She emotionally seemed to be in touch with the role. But she absolutely needs to get a grip on her mannerisms. I’m convinced she could be great if she could. She has such a distinct way of talking. It’s a weird, consistent cadence, with too much diction and then nonsensical breathiness and it drove me insane. She’s always had recognizable mannerisms but some of them she hid better this time—just not how she talks. Making her Kristen Stewart as Diana and not Diana Spencer. Unfortunately, that was enough to remove me emotionally. 

Still beautiful! Still interesting! And I still quite liked it.

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