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This review may contain spoilers.

Hate when I like scarlett in something but it’s a banger for sure. 

At times I wanted the sound design to settle down - literally said, “alright settle down” to my empty house about three minutes into the opening sequence lol - and at times it was absolutely perfect delirium. I really, really love the recurring setpiece of what happens to the men. And I think the final act is saying interesting (maybe fakedeep but interesting) things about what patriarchy demands from women/femmes...it was alarming and sad to slowly realize she was actually defenseless in this world, when removed from her hunt, and not some Jennifer’s Body/Species monstergal. I can understand people being let down by the ending tho. Love the second to last shot of one of the motorcycle patriarchs and the last shot especially, a great final visual for the film. Liked this more than I thought I would.

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