Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

i remember first seeing blade runner at 11 years old, and i hated it. it was so slow, lacking in action, it was too philosophical, it was extremely mature. then, a second time when i was 12, and hated it just as much too, found the exact same issues. however, a year later, i gave it another chance, and something clicked within. it pulled me right in and with those last minutes and those perfect scenes, it grabbed me completely, realizing is one of the best films ever made. every frame is art and is highly beautiful to an incomprehensible level, the music makes the ears orgasm, the world sucks you right in and makes you dirty all over, the story and its questions make you reflect anything and everything, the vision makes your jaw drop to the floor, the dialogue and the incredible sequences make you feel something so special and unique. a flawed masterpiece unlike any other, asking for intelligence and the willingness to take a leap into its deep ideas and motivations. as science fiction has become my favorite genre over the years, so has this beautiful piece of art grown with that taste as well. A flawed masterpiece so grandeous which is always ticking forward like a beautiful machine, always has been and always will be ahead of its time. thats how good this movie is, and that is how much of a change it has made into cinema as well. today, watching this and celebrating its impact decades after it released, i still feel that awe inspiring feeling and infinite excitement to talk about it, because thats just what the best films do.

happy 40th anniversary 🥳🥳🥳🥳!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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