Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Vinterberg's «celebration of life» is a moving journey across the lives of four teachers written in the most humanized way possible, and coming from the danish filmmaker, this is not a surprise, but a delight which ends up as a feast of liberation and purity. 

Druk says a lot about what alcohol can do for us, yet this is not a film about alcoholism. This is about life and nothing else; we fall into the webs of monotony and boredom, our life at some point becomes just a nonsense, a routine: what started as something beautiful like a relationship evolves in time until there is no magic anymore. Martin was a promising man with a bright future in the research field but now he finds himself drowning in misery. Watching Druk is not about expecting something astonishing at all, however, we do get tons of surprises; from satisfying ones to cringe and beyond.

The Oscar winner feels like a party, and it is what it should be. It may not have the most remarkable cinematography out there, neither the most complex script, and still it manages to become such an entertaining picture where our four professors will make us laugh, cry, and pity them. Not to mention that Scarlet Pleasure's What a Life will be stuck in your head for months, and perhaps forever! I mean, even though this is the first time I watch this film, that song was already playing in my head every day and dancing Mads was an image I did not want to take out of my head! 

With a fantastic montage, memorable moments, great performances, and characters full of humanity, Druk is a work with a lot of heart and identity. While it is a huge contrast with The Hunt, what makes these works what they are is the man behind them, and his capacity to write the most relatable stories from abroad.

P.D. Hope that American remake never sees the light, it’s completely unnecessary and diminishes the original work.

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