Favorite films

  • Chungking Express
  • Memories of Murder
  • Le Samouraï
  • Andrei Rublev

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  • Memories of Murder


  • The Worst Person in the World


  • The Nun II


  • Blue Beetle


Recent reviews

  • Barbie



    Barbenheimer day couldn’t get done without Greta’s controversial message for… women? Girls? People in general? Although Barbie is a cleverly fun pink ride with some of the most hilarious moments in a movie this year, all the attention might head towards the idea Greta wanted to transmit. 

    As stereotypical Barbie wants everything to be as perfect as it was in Barbie Land, she embarks on a quest to the Real World along Ken so she can discover her real purpose…

  • Oppenheimer



    The man is condemned to repeat his story and we shall embrace this cycle in order to avoid falling into the agonizing world of eternal madness. The old Greek tragedy of Prometheus has transcended through generations, as it is a myth that awakens the interest on the reason why the man is so doomed to pay for his sins; sins being committed by egocentrism disguised as benevolence impulsed by a "greater good".

    Christopher Nolan is back with the only thing…

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Thirsty he goes out at night chasing and beating criminals claiming he is vengeance. The bat-signal is turned on and Bruce Wayne says it’s not just a call; it’s a warning. The Caped Crusader hovers across the corrupt Gotham City with his low-tech suit and bat-claw, putting the pieces together of a mystery involving his deceased parents. The Batman arrives to finally show the world who The World’s Greatest Detective is, in the form of the greatest live action the…

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    The title card for Drive My Car shows up onscreen and I find myself sobbing. I let the credits run while the music is playing and remain silent, looking nowhere, with nothing in my thoughts. I realize the film has moved me as few have ever done. Three hours feel like thirty minutes, people expressing their thoughts are one with the viewer if he or she accepts to embrace these characters, and the so-cliched word masterpiece feels short for a…