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  • Asparagus


    Enamored by the style of this animation. Don’t think I can look an asparagus in the eye for a few days.

  • Saw



    My fondest Blockbuster memory is the time I me and my dad flew down to visit my nana when I was about 13, and I rented the first 3 or 4 Saw movies to binge on the little TV in her very beige and grandma-ey spare room. What better setting is there for this storied horror franchise? I’ve never rewatched them until now, so along with experiencing all the lovely gore, I can reminisce about my lovely nana.

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  • Alien



    My second time viewing this reaffirms my love for it. This is my favorite sci-fi and my favorite horror film, and it's not even close for the latter. I could watch this over and over and never get enough.

    The cast is just the right size to have a nice variety of personalities, and still be small enough for them to become near and dear to your heart. This makes you truly feel like a lot is at stake, and…

  • Cinderella



    Amazing for its time, but I don't know if this would've made any sense without already knowing the story. A strangely large proportion of the film is dedicated to the happy ending while there's practically no setup before mice start turning into people.