Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

”have you been dreaming about me?”
“no. i have been thinking about you.”

i don’t know how to describe this movie other than that it felt like having my eyes wide open for the entire duration. this film didn’t try to deceive me about where it was going. it didn’t create drama with smoke and mirrors. it just unfolded and i knew where it was headed the entire time. and still i hoped, still it hurt, still it was beautiful.

i don’t know how to praise the narrative without spoiling it, so let’s talk about celine sciamma as a director. a master of sensitivity and small moments, and all the ways she elevated them. those slow camera pans instead of just cutting. the lingering on the sides of faces. the soundscape. the dialogue that conveys unspoken sentiments so well, while never slipping into overbearing or excessive. with this standard, i don’t mind that she only produces an original work every fifth year.

also, Summer by Vivaldi is a lesbian composition now.

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