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always thinking about filmΓ©s. favorites are the ones i've been thinking a lot about lately

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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    but is nobody going to mention that nana was also obviously in the time loop??? did they get her out too????

  • Nomadland



    quietly wonderful. nomadland makes me yearn for the serenity of open landscapes, for letting go of everything that weighs you down, and for truly connecting to other people.

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  • Life Partners

    Life Partners


    uuhhhh anyone else terrified of the time when your best friend gets in a committed adult relationship and you’re left alone bitter and unfulfilled?

  • The Feels

    The Feels


    Am I just watching any lesbian themed movie Netflix can offer me in order to momentarily mute my loneliness and identity crisis? You betcha I am!Β 

    This could have been so much better. Also: Constance Wu is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.