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  • Waterboys



    The ultimate feel-good movie!

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    Entertaining, but derivative. There's not one single original idea in this. Entertaining though, if you turn your brain off. And what's with the weird camera focus? The freakin' stupid ending doesn't help much either. Good enough for a couple of hours (well, actually 2h20m) but that's it.
    Pure exploitation here, nothing more.

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  • That Darn Cat

    That Darn Cat


    I don't understand all the hate towards this film. It was quite funny all along, specially the final sequence with the car chasing. This is not a masterpiece, that's for sure, but we can't complain of 85 minutes of pure entertainment.

  • Mondo Naked Witch

    Mondo Naked Witch


    I'm the first person to log this psychedelic no-budget crap @ letterboxd. Woohoo!
    There's archival footage, home made videos, a silent movie about witchcraft, comedy, sex, surrealism and even some stop-motion. All this topped with a surprisingly good selection of songs ranging from easy-listening to jazz standards and country to deathrock.
    A real treat!