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  • Retribution



    Sad and deeply unnerving. Nothing gets under your skin quite like a K. Kurosawa movie. In many ways a straightforward (arguably more commercial) retelling of Cure and Pulse, but also the most weirdly romantic movie I’ve seen from him. That bucket scene alone justifies its existence despite how worn out the entire project may seem thematically. I guess it’s time to finally give Tokyo Sonata a spin

  • PlayTime



    Just when you think Tati can’t possibly top the disintegrating restaurant segment, that ending hits.

    Seeing this in 35mm with a super responsive audience has made me never want to watch a new release or something at home ever again. If you’re in Chicago just FYI the Music Box is screening some of the greatest movies ever made rn for like two weeks. Instead of hate watching Cruella or some obviously bad shit that sucks ass go see Goodbye Dragon Inn this weekend: https://musicboxtheatre.com/events/back-on-the-big-screen-presented-by-mubi

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  • Hillary



    a pathetic irrelevant warmonger and her serial rapist husband whine about Bernie Sanders and other nonsense in a documentary puff piece exactly zero people asked for. boring and sad

  • Coastal Elites

    Coastal Elites


    big lol at culture writers in 2017 being like “hey at the very least we’ll get some great art and comedy out of the Trump era”