Swing Time

Swing Time ★★

the immaculate choreography is perfectly executed and photographed beautifully, but other than that there’s really nothing for me to admire here. i don’t expect to be intellectually stimulated by musicals of this nature (weak plot, pure fluff), but i need something to grasp onto (other than anticipating the next musical number) to remain entertained at the absolute least.
i knew there was a blackface scene in here somewhere, but this was even worse than i expected. obviously it’s not worth getting angry over because this film is kind of approaching its 100th birthday and that scene is a product of its time blah blah blah but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable to sit through. i never thought it was going to end.
AFI is overdue to revise their top 100 list, and this one definitely deserves the boot if/when the list is revamped. there’s so many impressive late 30s and early 40s magical musicals centered around pure escapism and this isn’t one of them.

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