Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

portrait of a lady on fire is truly a masterpiece because i didn’t feel like it was truly over until the end. which sounds weird but with most movies you can easily take out scenes, add scenes change the ending or the opening and the story would make sense. but with this everything was refined and quiet, as if an introvert was a movie in a way. the use of every aspect of tools  you use too tell a story was perfect (notably the score and use of sound). everything felt like a choice that had been made and there was a reason to do that, without trying to hard. i felt as if the characters were speaking english, i felt as if i was a fly on the wall watching their complicated, beautiful world. even if you don’t like the story or it isn't your type of movie. you have to admit, portrait of a lady on fire is perfect at what it set out to do.

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