Moonlight ★★★★

“Running around, catching up all that light. In moonlight black boys look blue”.

In the best scene of the movie Juan, a drug-dealer who takes a child under his wing, teaches Chiron how to swim and tells him that he's got to decide for himself who he's going to be. But “Moonlight” isn't the story about self-identification and becoming who you want to be, it's the story about accepting yourself, loneliness, empathy and understanding someone's feelings. The performances are great, especially Mahershala Ali and Andre Holland. The soundtrack is selected perfectly: breathtaking original score by Nicholas Britell, Mozart, Aretha Franklin and some rap songs as well. Telling the very intimate and delicate story, Barry Jenkins doesn't really speculate on the subject, which could have been very easy in this case. Some Wong Kar-wai vibes are also very pleasant. “Moonlight” reminds us why we love movies and why we watch movies — because this experience can help us share different emotions and live different stories. Beautiful and melancholy. Instant classic.

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