Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

8.5/10 (Remember that episode of Futurama when Leela Killed Professor Farnsworth and Zoidberg had to solve the mystery? Yeah it was that level of hilarious.)

Man what a cast ! I haven´t seen Bombshell,but I doubt that casting deserves "Outstanding cast" in the SAG awards like this one did. Rian knows how to direct actors and cinematography.

-The best performances,for me,came from Ana De Armas and Chris Evans. Ana played this naive but quirky nurse and Chris played a Douchebag.

-Michael Shannon was also good as this bitter editor who really wanted money from Netflix.

-I had mixed feelings about Daniel Craig´s accent but i got used to it.

-Toni Collette and Jamie Lee Curtis had this "Piss off" face the whole movie and i love them. Good lord,they were great.

-Not a single mention for Nana Thrombley? I mean,the whole theatre laughed everytime she was on screen...she didn´t even need words.

-Yoda was in the movie ! Yes,Frank Oz was the lawyer who reads the testament.

-Also,M T Walsh was in the film as the security guard ! Do you remember him? The bad guy from The Coen Brother´s Blood Simple.

-I was a bit dissapointed Don Johnson didn´t have that much dialogue. I grew up watching Miami Vice so i have a nostalgic fond for him.

-Thankfully the kid that played Jacob had little dialogue because apparently he was an Internet Troll. Yeah,you weren´t subtle with that Rian. Don´t worry. Nobody likes Star wars fans.

Although you weren´t very subtle with "the Illegal imigration" thing...a bit too obvious,but whatever. FUCK TRUMP AND HIS CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

The ending didn´t blow my socks. It was neat and serviceable but it wasn´t Oldboy,you know. Still,it was a very funny and intriguing story.

PS: I feel sorry for Meg. She was Nice.

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