Prospect ★★★½


This movie was so fucking cool.
Let me start with what everyone is sure to be saying about this movie, the costume design. The fact that not one person's space suit looks like simular to anothers is so amazing! Such attention to detail here. I honestly thought every suit was cool for different reasons and not one looked lazily designed. None of them looked clean or new, they all looked lived in which added to the world we are in.

The worldbuilding in this thing is also unbelievable. The set design is so lush, and the cinematography really added to that. This does not look like the alien planet we are used to, but these particles floating throughout the air, with the occasional giant planet in the sky really made this feel believable. The way the guns fired clean, but there wasnt a blue laser that blasted out, it almost felt like a real bullet. Such a good balance between realism and sci-fi. The idea of going to a foreign planet and prospecting for jewels almost made this movie feel like a space pirate flick, and more than a few scenes were remenescent of a western.

Lastly, this movie is very quiet and moves slow, which isn't necessarily a problem, but may not be for everyone. The dialogue is a bit clunky and the story is lacking overall. Luckily, this world is so cool and beautiful I immediately got swept up in it and was willing to forgive any faults the screenplay may have had.

I would love to see more indie movies like this. Other than Moon I really can't think of much in a simular vein and absolutely no one is talking about it! If I hadn't seen the poster for this movie in a Reddit post it would have never been on my radar and it's such a shame because this movie is such a joy. Highly recommend.

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