• Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    hello everyone! i haven't logged a film on here for a while cause i haven't been much watching a lot of films lately but i'll try to again! anyways, so this film finally arrived today and can i just say how amazing and fucking insane this film is? like my fucking god. the directors and animators did a fucking beautiful job making this film and all of the delays for it was absolutely worth it. spider-man: across the spider-verse was…

  • Dune



    holy fucking shit like i'm so blown away from what i just watched lol. i don't know why but i have been avoiding to watch dune for a very long time i mean i tried starting to watch it a couple of times but i always turn it off before the ten minutes time stamp even came but today the trailer for the part II was released and i watched it... i was very mesmerized that i finally got excited…

  • Interstellar



    i have not watched this film for a very long time but today i had the urge to press play on this film while i was browsing through netflix. when i first watched interstellar i had some questions and confused thoughts after i finished the film but it was still a pretty extraordinary film to me and today on my rewatch my questions have been answered and i always loved researching and getting facts about this film cause it was…

  • Ghosted



    to start this review, i just wanna say that ana de armas needs to do lots of action films but not a lot that her filmography is all about fighting. i only wanted to check this film out cause it had ana de armas and chris evans cause i missed watching them together and to also see how bad the cgi and acting was and.... it was mediocre lol. ghosted was really bland and stupid for most parts lol like the…

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    beau is afraid is an absolute thrilling and a very much different film from ari aster compared to his last two previous films. i honestly thought this film would have lots of jumpscares and gory stuff but no... it had maybe two to three gory and five to seven jumpscares but those two things was not even the best part of the whole film. ari aster and joaquin phoenix did an incredible job making you feel what the main character…

  • On the Count of Three

    On the Count of Three


    rewatched this film cause i was missing christopher abbott and kind of wanted to feel something tonight. this film will always have a place in my heart like i just can't explain how much powerful the message of this film is to lots of people including me. this film explores the struggles of two best-friends who suffers from depression and mental health and i think that jerrod carmichael and the writers delivered it very perfectly. rewatching this film made me…

  • Air



    an absolute banger film like it was so entertaining and very much well done. ben affleck managed to capture the beauty of 80's like i just can't explain how but i honestly felt like i was watching a film that was released from the 80's lol. i enjoyed this film a lot and i honestly thought that it would be so uninteresting to me cause i don't know a thing about shoes but it didn't matter cause they explained to…

  • In the Valley of the Moon

    In the Valley of the Moon


    i have been waiting for in the valley of the moon for a year and it has finally arrived and the wait is.... so goddamn worth it. while watching this film all i could think about was how raz fritz reminded me a lot of ray liotta like idk something about him and how amazing he was in this! i also love how beautifully shot and directed this film was and the colour grading and cinematography was so pleasing to…

  • Murder Mystery 2

    Murder Mystery 2


    murder mystery 2 was really boring and the last 20 minutes of it was the only interesting part of it. adam sandler and jennifer aniston partners up once again to make a sequel from their last popular whodunit film murder mystery (2019). the antagonist in this film was totally predictable to me like just by their first scene and the way they acted and treated nick and audrey just gave it away from me that they are the antagonist. i…

  • Babylon



    this film is still beautiful and entertaining as the day i first time saw it on cinemas. i have said this a million times and i know you guys are probably tired of me but i will never get tired watching babylon for how many times like the love i just have for this film is incredibly unbelieveable like how can you just not love this film? it's got everything like the insanity, beautiful visuals, phenomenal performances and amazing score…

  • Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    rest in peace, ray liotta.

    coacaine bear
    was actually pretty decent and fun and i honestly thought that i would absolutely hate every second of this but i enjoyed mostly of this... i didn't enjoyed some of the joke banters and the scenes of the ranger and peter like they were both just so annoying whew so there is that but i enjoyed the performances of the rest of the cast especially alden ehrenreich character so much like he was…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    i have always thought to myself that the ending was so tragic but yet really beautiful for mia and sebastian. damien chazelle managed to create a film to make people believe in love and in the end of the film made people believe that love isn't real... only him could do that. this film has been my go to film whenever i wanna feel happy for some time and then sad for a couple of hours and la la land