The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★

i love me some steven spielberg films but i'm really disappointed of this film... maybe it's because i was expecting so much from this film but most scenes is boring, confusing and really cheesy like i can't really focus on the plot of the film which is kind of non-existent imo everything was just all over and the only plot that only made sense was his passion for making films and the secret of his mother that was it. some scenes were good like the fight between sam and his father, michelle williams character performance in the film that sam took and sam between that high school guy i think that was the only things i remember from the film. despite all of the flaws of the plot... the cinematography, directing, score and performance of the main character was so beautifully executed. this film should be making lots of oscar buzz whew i might to rewatch soon tho just to really get this.

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