The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

matt reeves the batman is what you call cinema. everything about this film to the beginning until the end was just masterpiece every shot and sequence was just fucking perfect and also watching robert pattinson play batman/bruce wayne was so exhilarating omfg.... seeing him doing all these action stuff was soooo amazing. zoë kravitz and robert's chemistry on this film and also in press tour is really interesting cause girl they be playing the character too much lmao. i only hope that DC won't ruin the batman in the upcoming movies cause from what i've heard ben affleck didn't really play the batman well. even though the plot was kind of slow but i liked that cause it builds the character of bruce and selina which makes them more interesting. i liked the part where the batmobile finally made an appearance! also selina and bruce better finished what they started together. the intense, music and soundtrack of this film was perfect especially the camera works cause girl even though the film was very dark you could still feel on what was happening just by listening to the background music i really fucking loved it. watching this movie is gonna be one of my core memories because i saw it in a big screen and also in release week cause this film will land in the "legend movies" category and paul dano is truly amazing in this like holyfuckingshit.

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