Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

honestly wasn't expecting to love this but oh god this was absolutely astounding like i'm so shook with everything that has happened also that might be the best opening scene after the opening scene from the very first scream film like that shit was so intense and scary. the film holds up very well from the beginning until the end like every scene was so much well-written and done. the ghostface was very much obvious to me like from the very beginning.. something about them made me suspicious. the plot of this film was very much new and fresh from their previous films like the motive of this new ghostface was very much different from the past ghostface so that was a very fresh new thing to add in this franchise and the writers did a good job doing it. seeing my girl kirby back brought me so happiness like that's really my mother also this new detective that wannabe dewey? girl fuck you like i miss my man dewey and too bad that my another girl sid wasn't here but good for her she needs a break! thank god nothing bad happened to gale ugh.

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