Babylon ★★★★★

this was such a beautiful and a exhilarating experience to watch on a big movie screen. babylon lived up to every expectations i had like i was honestly just expecting a film about the 1920's film industry but babylon is more than that and it had everything. it gave us a lot of chaotic scenes, terrific performances from diego calva and margot robbie, beautiful cinematography, pretty visuals and a very well done and beautifully written screenplay. damien chazelle once again proved that he is literally one of the best out there right now. his directing and writing skills never fails to disappoint me and lots of people whew. ok now i gotta talk about margot robbie, wow bitch she was just astonishing and phenomenal in this like i enjoyed watching her doing all this crazy fun acting stuff it was all so beautifully done by her and as for diego calva, he is a pretty wonderful actor and i also loved his performance throughout the whole film. i would definitely see this again and this might not be for yall but it is for me!!!!

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