Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding ★★★★

"I haven't had that thing yet, where you realize that you're not the most important person in the world."

I have to give to to Noah Baumbach; he's an extremely talented writer, and that was one of the darkest, most fascinating comedies(?) I've seen in quite some time... so dark, in fact, that some might argue it's not a comedy at all - quite similar in tone to his previous film, The Squid and the Whale, which is unquestionably one of my favorite black comedies of all-time. All of the performances are realized, especially Kidman's and Leigh's, and provide a realistic look into the lives of an extremely dysfunctional family, a microcosm of the selfishness that dwells in America's capitalist/consumerist/materialist society. There's also something about the subtleties that Baumbach includes in his films, whether it be the way certain scenes end rather abruptly, or small human truths living within the actions and nuances of each of the characters. All in all, Margot at the Wedding is a brilliant and misunderstood character-driven film, possibly too raw for some people, which is reflected in the unfortunate number of negative reviews. I recommend giving it a shot, especially if you're a fan of dark humor and twisted family dynamics.

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