Zodiac ★★★★½

this movie was insaneeee and so stressful.

the part with the woman and her baby was so incredibly sad because i thought they were going to die. the squirrels in leigh’s house were also so sad :((

i like how the zodiac was played by multiple people which is super interesting, especially w/ the basement guy how robert thought there were multiple zodiacs at one point

it was also sad was paul deteriorate over time, along with dave’s career and robert’s marriage. i understand robert’s wife bc it would be so hard to be married to somebody that obsessed, idk why she even dated him ever.

mark ruffalos voice was so weird in this i just had to write that. chloe sevigny looked SO young in this, even though it was 13 years ago i didn’t even notice it was her. also the main guy is taylor swift’s ex bf omgg. since i wrote abt other celebs, just have to say rdj is the loml.

overall a crazyyy movie, especially being real life, so annoying they never got to catch leigh who i’m confident was the zodiac, but if we will never know for sure

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