Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

filled with king shit performances, boiling with tension, caking old-fat prosthetics onto Martin Sheen's rotting visage, gunfights and ambushes that see people mowed down by bullets and epithets, make no mistake this is a paranoid thriller action movie about William O'Neal's infiltration of the Chicago Black Panthers. It's a damn good one and a damn smart one that I hope gets lots of awards attention.

I'm not the biggest fan of implanting important historical narratives into genre filmmaking. I don't mean to downplay how radical this is for a studio movie (released by the same studio that slobbered over a 70's CIA operation in ARGO not even a decade ago), Shaka and co. clearly know exactly the movie they're making and have done it to incredible and impressive effect.

And so for as much as I loved this, and for as powerful its final minutes manage to be, it's just not my favorite kind of delivery system for this story. but hey! that's the magic of da movies! some people like pineapple on pizza what can ya do but look to the sky and beg studio executives to learn the right lessons from a movie for once in their lives :)

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