Pig ★★★★

Nic Cage Takes Home the Bacon (took me a while to come up with that)

First off, for a movie that’s a little strange, plus, as simplistic as it felt, there was a lot of heart poured into this.

In its progression, the details are slowly filled in, which kept me roped in, but it required a lot of patience.

For the most part, I forgot about the actual pig, and all my attention was towards the performances. In particular, whenever Cage spoke, it was quite poetic. Now, the delivery itself was slow, but I loved how deep/dramatic it was.

All in all, this may sound weird, I blissfully enjoyed it. Won’t be for everyone, but still, you might be surprised.

*I would like to think Cage might at least get nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, but it probably won’t happen (but who knows, anything’s possible).

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