Lightyear ★★★½

Buzz Lightyear Mission Log, Let’s Unpack Here…

- Leading up to the screening, most of what I heard is that this would be very mid, and after seeing it, I kind of have to agree.

- That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy, I did, to a certain extent, but like Pixar’s latest releases, it doesn’t do much for me.

The space exploration aspect was pretty cool.

- Chris Evans did a nice job as the voice for Buzz, even though Tim Allen will always be THE voice, Chris is a quality follow up. Plus, Chris mirrored Allen’s vocal patterns pretty well also.

- The script was a concern for me, a good bit of dialogue was throwbacks to the original Toy Story movies, and once or twice, you could tell they forced it.

- This version of Emperor Zurg was too confusing, without spoiling it, I just didn’t feel like it worked, as compared to his “arc” from Toy Story 2.

- The entire 3rd act affected my rating, mostly because I felt they were just trying to quickly wrap it up.

- The character of Sox reminded me of a version of R2-D2 that you could actually understand.

This whole movie gave me Star Wars vibes, for that matter.

- My favorite character was Taika’s, per usual, he provides good comedy relief.

- Lastly, I know this movie is geared towards kids, so I’m not exactly the right person to judge this movie fairly, but all I wish for is that Pixar creates more content for which more generations can enjoy/appreciate.

Still campaigning for a gritty animated feature of “Woody’s Roundup”.

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