Moon Warriors

a miracle of wuxia that indeed has delights of kinetic friction in its fight scenes but resonates most as a sort of eclogue. the middle of the movie becomes a travelogue told on horseback--a white horse with a red velvet saddle trots through the woods, on the beach, and in fields (fields which are abundant with yellow flowers and white rabbits). lanterns make the fishing village resplendent in the night scenes like a bygone paradise. one can sense the anxiety of the upcoming handover in a few years in the ostensible main plot of the movie but what one most remembers (other than the glory that is sea-wayne) is andy lau and anita mui sharing a moment of ill-fated tenderness with the application of magical healing snad. truth be told, i haven't enjoyed any of the sammo films i'd seen previously, but this is a genuinely stunning movie.

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