Fear ½

Ok, so I don’t think this film is as “anti-vax” as some reviews claim. I’m basing this off of this review from one of the writers. It looks like they wrote this way back when the pandemic started and I think that explains why everything in the film seems like it was set right at the beginning of the pandemic. This is before we had a vaccine. I think this was a more benign “trust in God and we’ll get through this pandemic” message that was released wayyyy too late.

That aside, this is the worst film I’ve ever seen in a theater. I was pretty excited for a January horror film when I saw the trailer and the trailer itself was relatively well put together, but something irked me and I just knew it would be terrible, lol.

I was right. This completely fails as a horror film and is not enjoyable to watch. I started pretending it was an AI generated horror satire and that actually made it a little enjoyable in the first half, but then it kept going and I just wanted it to be over.

Biggest jump scare is when King Bach was researching the curse and his wi-fi suddenly went out accompanied by a “jumpscarey noise”. I felt that.

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