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  • The Menu

    The Menu


    In terms of anti-classism and anti-elitism movement in cinema in the year 2022, this makes for a great pairing with TRIANGLE OF SADNESS.

    I find both movies are similar in their delivery of repeatedly whacking you over the head with this message and theme, so much so that I feel the story and character arcs took a backseat. I do think that the majority of the world population - likely 99% - is on board to some degree with the…

  • Close



    A haunting coming-of-age piece about the essential tragedy in that society does not often realize the importance of close, intimate and/or platonic relationships beyond strictly sexual and/or heteroromantic ones, and the disregard or diminution of the emotions central to these connections. I know many proponents of this film will insist that it is a tragedy of one boy struggling with his sexual identity, but although that could be a huge influence on this drama here, it’s not the only element.…

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    Will You Like CARMEN?

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    Do you like...

    Dance movies in general (2 points)
    Ballet (2 points)
    Ballroom dancing (2 points)
    Sullen, Strong and/or Silent Paul Mescal (2 points)
    Ever-posing and modelesque Melissa Barrera (2 points)
    Mexican Spirituality Horror or Crime Dramas (2 points)
    Border-crossing thrillers (1 point)
    Romeo & Juliet adaptations (1 point), especially Baz Luhrman’s or Romeo Must Die…

  • The Demon

    The Demon



    Who knew that GDT’s dark PINOCCHIO had a feminist companion and precursor in this film? The two films actually have a lot in common in depicting the wholly superstitious Christian cloistered Italian villages up in the mountains, and their reactions to inspiring magical beings such as wooden beings and voluptuous alleged witches. So much superstition and yet an absolute rejection of any supernatural force over which these mere small-minded mortals have no power. The film is…

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  • The Good Nurse

    The Good Nurse


    TIFF #31

    As a medical lab tech, I appreciate a nurse who knows their labwork.

    As a chemist, I appreciate a nurse who knows their drugs and chemicals.

    As a Forensic Files addict, I am wary of nurses who know their labwork and chemicals too well...

    This film felt like a crime procedural or true crime series with high level talent re-enactments. I love that stuff therefore I stayed interested throughout.

    Redmayne is perfect here - he reminds me of a few guys I know... Should I be worried?

    Based on a real life killer nurse.

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    Will You Like SISU?

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    Do you like...

    Inglorious Basterds (3 points)
    John Wick (3 points)
    The Man with No Name in the Dollars Trilogy (2 points)
    Die Hard (1 point) , especially the sequel with airplane stunts (1 point)
    First Blood (2 points)
    Golddigging westerns (2 points)
    WW2 films (2 points)
    High Noon (1 point)
    Body horror (1 point)…