Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★½

Mattei's riff on Dawn of the Dead, though, aside from zombies, I'm not sure it has all that much in common with it.

Some lab technicians working on an experimental chemical find a dead rat in their machinery. The rat, however, doesnt stay dead and becomes patient zero of a rotten epidemic of the walking dead. A military outfit, and two journalists meet to investigate the radio silence from the lab, and are poured forth into the decaying hell of Papa New Guinea.

The essence of Zombie Creeping Flesh is the disgusting, maggot-infested filth of Italian zombie films. The thing that makes them such magic experiences and sets them apart from the zombie films of the rest of the world.

The gore and head squelching zombie deaths are great, but the rest of the surrounding film is just lacking in comparison to it's contemporaries.

The score is immaculate. It's basically compilation album of Goblin scores; impossible to fail. The shithouse blatant stock footage of tribes and animals is charmingly great. The plot has shoehorned terrorism thrown in. The acting is atrocious, and the dub, in typical Italian fashion, is fantastically awful.

The main problem is that despite having all these ingredients that have the ability to make something great, the way it's cooked just leaves it a bit boring, in turn leaving it totally eclipsed by the countless greats the Italian zombie cycle churned out.

"Experimental project Operation: Sweet Death must be considered a complete failure. Some kind of degenerated process has begun which may be catastrophic for everybody. May God forgive us... for what we have produced here and... pardon us for this evil."

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