Ivan's Childhood

Ivan's Childhood ★★★★½

Criterion Blu Ray. I’m only slightly exaggerating when I say that every other shot in this film is one of the best black and white shots ever, full stop one of my all time favorite movies on a purely visual level. My favorite film about war are the ones that highlight the consequences of war, in particular how it affects children and Ivan’s Childhood is a wartime coming of age story that’s as cold and heartwrenching as they come. 

The gritty heat of battle moments are constantly juxtaposed with warm, distant memories of all the people and places the war violently took away from the life of an adolescent now motivated by nothing but eye-for-an-eye retribution and Tarkovsky in his assured debut feature does not shy away from showing the maniacally vengeful product of wartime trauma with such a brutally haunting ending. 


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