Titane ★★★★½

nziff 2021 #20

Gnarly as hell!! 
Despite having read probably slightly too much about the details it still totally took me by surprise, and was way more fucked up than I could have even imagined. It certainly wears its references on its sleeve, but with a confidence that it has earned by also being something completely new. 
So perfectly paced: we are launched straight into the action before the intensity pulls back and is replaced by anxiety building towards the horrific conclusion. It is a film of two halves, but the transition is seamless despite the bonkers set up. 
Others are right to point out that the gory body horror elements are highlighted by their contrast with its themes of unconditional love and found family. I’m sure someone much smarter than I will expand on what the film has to say about gender and identity. 
For me this sits alongside Revenge - women are on the vanguard of the New French Extremity pushing the horror genre to exciting new places.

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