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  • Home for the Holidays
  • The Day the Earth Caught Fire
  • Fishing with John
  • Conspirators of Pleasure

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  • A Field Full of Secrets


  • The Pantry Ghost Documentary


  • Santoalla


  • The Teacher's Wife


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  • The Pantry Ghost Documentary

    The Pantry Ghost Documentary


    A mentally ill man drives his family crazy by forcing them all to accept his reality instead of their own and invites strangers from the internet into his home to legitimise his madness and to aid in the grooming of his loved ones into a state of folie en famille. 

    Either that or most likely, this is just another badly acted hoax..

  • 4Closed



    My theory is that Jamie Kennedy playing a version of himself and the house he desperately clings onto is symbolistic of his career.

Popular reviews

  • He's Out There

    He's Out There


    It makes me angry that I actually watched this whole film.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Seeing a movie representation of your worst nightmare isn't necessarily good, or entertaining.
    I found the subject of this modern day adaptation of a wonderful classic to be vile and unnecessary. It just made me want to throw up and shut it off due to the insensitive ways it dealt with such a serious subject. Maybe it would have been different had I not been in abusive relationships before, but frankly, I found this offensive and a huge waste of…