The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★½

Here is a song for suiting the mood of the film.

Mark Zuckerberg is exactly the kind of people that ultimately repulse me as human beings for a fantastically wide variety of reasons, so my deepest respect goes to Fincher, a man who settles with Hollywood standards of filmmaking for then surpassing some of them in order to create above average stories, be it crime or drama, in a way that has the capacity to attract all kinds of audiences. He was capable of pulling off an audacious and energetic biographical account about the origins of what still stands today as a groundbreaking social network phenomenon in an era of increasing in-person and virtual contacts and connections, even if the main character is unlikeable.

It disguises itself as a teen flick, but it isn't. It just uses such context for highlighting the target market that would first surrender to Zuckerberg's socially visionary project. With exceptional cast decisions, a well adapted screenplay and a blast of a soundtrack, Fincher maintains a solid directorial quality, but still an overrated status with The Social Network being considered one of the best films of 2010, when it is moderately far from it.


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