Kill the Day

Kill the Day ★★★★½

Trainspotting saw the light of day that same year, but Ramsay's more jarring and effective approach to drug addiction conveys a stronger emotional and cathartic message than Boyle's stylized optimism. Every shot in a Ramsay film conveys a message, a connection with the viewer regardless of our status, and the intimate minimalism throughout transforms every circumstance into unbearable tension, social alienation and utmost depression. Despite being a city, nature, a reality out there, you literally see this character imprisoned in a cage that limits enjoyment of life, or more precisely, his capacity to live.

Almost wordless and completely scoreless testament that proves that Ramsay could also make films about men and, ergo, about family and relationships in the future (and so she would splendidly afterwards). Exceptional short film.


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