Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★★½

Noe's neon-lit, sense-assaulting celluloid spectacle solidly stands out by its own as a metaphysically and galvanizingly jarring and thought-provoking cinematic exercise of what constitutes the director's ode to life, death and reincarnation, multidimensionally recreating past and present with a poignant and vehement juxtaposition of seen and remembered life instances and closing the life circle with a new opportunity to start over in this adventure called life and subjectively called "earthly existence". Unique, moving, bold, experimental and amazingly impressionistic without being tautological, Enter the Void can be classified as one of the strongest films of the year and the product of a talented controversial mastermind (with the writing aid of Lucile Hadzihalilovic, responsible for the visual and allegorical masterpiece Innocence [2004]).

Beneath its layers of the criminal Japanese underworld perdition and perversions of the flesh lies the beauty of reflecting on the meaning of a tangible existence and the hopelesness inherent in our humanity behind the fear that our soul has over the idea of life after death. This is just a personal perspective and it is unrepeatable and mercilessly fascinating.


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