The Lobster

The Lobster ★★★★

I’ve been meaning to
Watch this for years and for
Some reason I always forgot
To. Took a day to relax at home
And found it on Netflix so I finally watched it after all these years. I’m really disappointed he wasn’t an actual lobster I really thought he’d become one. This was just crazy and I really liked it.

Yorgos wtf? You are one crazy mf? Who comes up with shit like this? I fucking love this crazy guy. This is why I love indie cinema they do whatever they want and can get as crazy as they want. Rachel is so beautiful how is she 48?

I laughed quite a few times at how ridiculous this was in some parts and I know that’s the point and that’s what he wanted to do but lol some parts just killed me. When he kicked the little girl lmfao. 😂😂 also Rachel’s dream about being fucked in the ass and then stabbed by the intruder? Only Yorgos. Collin was perfect for this role.

Ps: Im still recovering from the puppy scene in alita and then they hit me with this one today? 😭😭 I can’t.

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