Roma ★★★★★

2nd movie @ #HCAF2018

An ode to women and motherhood. A love letter to Libo(Cleo in the movie).

My review or my attempt at a review wont be enough to describe this masterpiece. I know I'm not the only who sees this amazing movie as cinematic perfection as everyone knows and have read reviews from other festivals. Believe the hype.

I watched this in a sold out festival screening in Houston last week. I am a Mexican immigrant so seeing a movie made by a Mexican director, in Spanish(and some native language as well), with Mexican actors and some non professionals(like the lead Yalitza Aparicio) being sold out with long lines to get in made me so proud and happy people were willing to watch this movie. My mother grew up in Mexixo city so as a kid I used to go there a lot in Xmas or anytime we had vacations. The movie hit home because of that. Seeing all those locations I've seen in person made me feel nostalgic.

That being sad... this is Cuaron's best movie. That's not an easy thing to say because this is the same man who directed Gravity, Children of man and Y tu mama tambien. Maybe I identified more with this one because of my mother and the place she grew up but what Cuaron accomplished here its outstanding.

Its a story about his nanny, the woman who helped his mother clean the house and raise the kids(Cuaron himself and his siblings). Yalitza Aparicio is a revelation. She'll melt your heart and will make you feel the things shes feeling. One of the best performances I've seen this year. Cuaron discovered something great in her.

I hope some of you get to experience it @ a theater the way Cuaron intended to. At my screening they said they had to modify the sound system in order for it to be heard the way its supposed to. I know some people don't really pay attention to that but the sound was magnificent I can see why he was saying that. If not still watch it once its released on Netflix. He created something very special.

Aparicio is amazing
De Tavira as his mom was great. I've seen her in other shows/movies
The cinematography is godly
There's no score but it wasn't needed
Watch this when its out whether its at home or at the movies.
Support indie cinema

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