Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

Virtual premiere @ Sundance.

The word “timely” is so overused and misused nowadays for movies that aren’t even timely at all. This is actually one that earns it for all the wrong reasons. Because things haven’t changed much. We keep seeing this crimes against African Americans by police and people on high positions... makes you wonder have we even made any progress at all? Maybe not.

Powerful performances from kaluuya, lakeith and fisher. Kaluuya is truly one of the best working actors and there’s no other actor of his generation that can say so much with his eyes only without speaking a word. He’s a beast. Idk if this will earn him the Oscar he’ll deff get sooner or later but heck if it was up me.. I’d give it to him NOW(sorry Paul Raci). Lakeith is always a highlight in everything he does as well and just like Daniels his time will come anytime as well. Both of them are brilliant And continue to give nothing but great performances. Fisher caught my attention as well. She’s one to watch.

Powerful, timely, raw and infuriating Judas is a great showcase for its actors but also for its director. These kinda movies always get me and click with me at the very end when and we see some real Life footage and what happened to them afterwards thats when I’m like well DAMN. You got me.

Award chances: supporting actor Nom for Daniel Kaluuya is deff happening. Might be able to sneak in best picture as well.

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